How to Choose the Right Coffee Maker for Your Coffee Shop

barista in the coffee parlor

Photo by Sean Davis

Selecting the right coffee maker for your coffee shop can be a challenge

Coffee shops differentiate themselves from other places that use lots of coffee – such as offices, churches, and the military – because, in addition to brewing coffee in high volume, coffee shops need to offer their customers high quality coffee.

In order to brew high quality coffee, a brewer must brew at the correct temperature and brew in such a way as to get the optimal flavor extraction from the coffee. After brewing, there must be a way to keep the coffee hot without scorching the coffee. Containers that require an external heat source, such as a coffee pot or urn, should not be used in a coffee shop.

That said, one of your top considerations when opening a coffee shop should be investing in the best equipment possible.

For most coffee shops, your best option is a brewer that can:

  • Pre-soak the coffee grounds before brewing
  • Steep the coffee the correct amount of time
  • Brew into some sort of thermal container
Depending on volume needs, either a single or twin brewer may be better for meeting volume demands. Depending on your preferences, either an airpot brewer or a thermal dispenser would work.

Here are 2 models to consider:

Bunn Axiom Twin APS Airpot Brewer 38700.0013

Bunn Axiom Airpot Brewer

  • The single head can brew 4.2 gallons/hour, and the
  • The twin brewer can brew 15 gallons/hour.
  • Brews in half-gallon batches into airpots.
  • The airpots will keep the coffee hot for a few hours and can be self-serve.
  • The brewer has pre-infusion or pulse brew for getting optimal flavor extraction from the coffee.


Fetco CBS-2041e Extraction BrewerFetco CBS-2041e

  • Single head can brew 3.9 to 11.8 gal/hr depending on electrical configuration.
  • Large spray disc and pulse brewing intermittently sprays water over the coffee grounds for maximum saturation and flavor extraction.
  • Pre-wet cycle that saturates the grounds before brewing.
  • The CBS-2041e brewer brews in 1 gallon batches directly into a Fetco Luxus L3D Thermal Server.
  • After filling, the server can be moved to where the coffee will be dispensed – either behind the counter or out where customer can serve themselves.
There are many variations in sizes and brands that you should consider when choosing a coffee maker for your coffee shop, and we are happy to help you make the best decision for your needs.